This page is all about rubber bands

Rubber Bands                                        

  • 100% Pure crepe rubber
  • 90% Crepe rubber
  • 80% Crepe rubber
  • Pure latex bands
  • Commercial compound grades

Boxed Bands

Produced in Thailand with the latest high tech machinery ‘Band-it’ bands are manufactured to exacting standards specified by buyers.

With a comprehensive range of grades, sizes and colours available ex-stock 97% of all orders can be delivered by Next day service anywhere in mainland UK and within 48 hours within the EEC.

Over 60 standard sizes, many sizes in a range of 6 colours.

Competitive pricing and unbeatable service makes ‘Band-it’ your first (and last) choice.

Packaging in any required format – Metric or Imperial weight packs

Special purpose ‘Band-it’ bands for commercial tree training, Horticultural special purpose bands, ‘Lobster’ bands and ‘Prawn’ bands for the fishing industries and ‘Quick tie’ bands for the electronics industries.

Send to-day for an information pack and our free ‘Band-it’ Band Meter to help you check your required size.